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Setsoto Local

Municipal Manager
Me. Nomvula Malatjie


Welcome to Setsoto Local Municipality

On behalf of the Setsoto Council, Management & Administration, we like welcome you to our online presence.  Feel free to navigate through the website and we hope you find the information valuable.

Cllr. Seipati Justina Mbiwe


Senekal was established on 7 June 1877 on the farm De Puk in the district of Winburg. It is the panoramic Eastern Free State on the main route between Bloemfontein and in the heart of a flourishing and progressive agricultural district. The first sales of the plots started on 25 May 1875 and were a huge success. Thirty plots were sold for R4 600.




Situated in the scenic panorama of the Eastern Free State, along the Maloti Route, Ficksburg nestles between the foot of the Imperani Mountain and the banks of the Cale- don River, the border with Lesotho. As a backdrop there are magnificent views of the majestic Malotis , which change with the seasons, from the purple haze of summer to the snow-clad slopes in winter. Ficksburg was founded on 12 June 1867 and named after General Jan Fick, Commander-General of the old Orange Free State Republic.


Clocolan was established in 1906 on the farms of Reinzi and Herold because of a general need for school, church and business facilities to provide services to the surrounding areas. Clocolan obtained municipal status on 18 July 1910.The name Clocolan is derived from the South Sotho word Hlohlolwane meaning stand up and fight, which refers to an altercation between two black tribes, which took place many years ago.


The town of Marquard was established on the farm Varschfontein, which means ‘Fresh Fountain’, in 1905 when the first of 125 plots were sold at record prices for that time.  Ds J J T Marquard, after whom the town is named, was married to a daughter of John Murray, a son of the legendary missionary, Andrew Murray, and he (Marquard) campaigned fiercely for the establishment of the new town.



Due to the extremely low raw water levels at both the raw water sources namely Meulspruit Dam, currently at 28.5% of which only 3.5% still available for abstraction and the Caledon River flowing extremely low, the Municipality have no choice but to implement valve management to try and prolong the availability of water in the taps.

With the extremely low raw water levels, the raw water quality also deteriorates drastically but the Municipality continues to monitor water quality. If for any reason the community might doubt the quality, water can be boiled before consumption or if stored in a container, 10 drops of JIK can be added to 20 litres of water and let it stand for 30min for proper disinfection.

It is also worth mentioning that once valves are opened after valve management, water rushes into the distribution network and cause biofilms and sediment in the pipelines to mix with the fast-flowing water, which in turn will result in discoloured water coming out of the taps. Once the distribution network is filled and the flow stabilize, water quality will normalize as well.

The communities are further urged to use water very sparingly. The use of hosepipes must be stopped with immediate effect (car wash and watering of gardens). We encourage car washes to make use of buckets instead of running tap water.

The implementation of valve management will commence on 16 MAY 2024 and will be carried out as follow: Reservoirs will be closed at 20:00 and opened gradually the next morning at 05:00. This exercise will be closely monitored. Changes in the schedule will be communicated when necessary.

It is advisable to try and make provision for the storage of water in containers for emergency use. For further enquiries, please contact Manager Water and Sanitation Services Mr. Thabo Mokhethoa on 082 836 3196 or Bulk Water Supervisor Mr. Hendrik Coetzer on 083 390 2248.

Mrs. NF Malatjie