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Invitation For Service Providers To Register On The Municipal And Central Supplier Database.

Prospective suppliers are hereby requested as per Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulation (13) & (14)(1) (a)(ii) to register on the Municipal Database and or National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database at

The municipality requires suppliers to submit the following documents with municipal database registrations & quotations:

1. Copy of company registration certificate (CRC)
2. Copy of identity document of sole proprietors & directors appearing on CRC
3. Tax Clearance Certificate TCC together with Tax Compliance Status TCS or CSD report
4. Completed and signed MDB 4.
5. Vendor application form
6. Municipal Account of the company
7. Municipal Account of directors/shareholders

Municipal Accounts must meet the following conditions:
a) Recent municipal accounts for the physical address of the business and residential addresses of each of its shareholders.
b) Municipal accounts of the business’s address and the residential addresses of every individual shareholder must not be in arrears for more than 90 days
c) In cases where addresses of the business or shareholder is not through ownership but through lease agreement, a copy of the lease agreement of the said business indicating that the responsibility for municipal rates and taxes lying with the lessor.

Other Information Required:
a) Certified copy of BBBEE certificate or sworn affidavit for exempted micro or small enterprise
b) Where applicable, the regulatory body certificate

Vendor application and MBD4 form is available on the municipal website at
For more information, please contact the Manager SCM, Mr. Johnny Lynch at contact number 051 933 9351.