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Item Description QTY
315/80R 22.5 10

Requirements (that must be attached):

  • The quotation must be in a letter head of the prospective service provider and be valid for 30 days.
  • Company Registration Certificate (CRC) reflecting active members. (Except for sole traders and partnerships).
  • Copies of ID of all directors/members on the CRC must be attached.
  • Valid SARS Tax Clearance Status PIN (TCS) or CSD report not older than one (1) month.
  • Municipal rates and taxes for the company or of all Directors should be attached and not in arrears for more than three (3) months or a Lease Contract reflecting the rates and taxes payment responsibility and or Letter of arrangement for payment of taxes.
  • Certified copy of B-BBEE to qualify for preferential points.
  • MBD 4 form of declaration of interest must be filled and signed in full.
  • MBD 6.2 Local Content determination is not applicable.

All the bids must indicate the correct FWPQ 40 (20/21) Supply, Delivery and Fitment of Tyres and be emailed to not later than the stipulated date below:

Closing date: Monday, 21st June 2021 @ 12:00

For Technical Enquiries contact Mr. H Coetzer at 051 933 9304
For Supply Chain Enquiries Mr. T Majoale at 051 933 9351 or


1. No tender document is required.
2. MBD4 and MBD 6.2 forms are obtainable from Supply Chain Management Offices or from the municipal website (under documents – see all documents- SCM Contracts – SCM application forms).
3. No telegraphic, telefaxes, hand-delivered and late bids will be accepted.
4. No bids will be accepted from persons in service of the state (Acting through Proxy).
5. Municipal Supply Chain Management policy and Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No 5 of 2000 and its 2017 regulations (80/20 preferential points allocation system) will apply.
6. Local content is not applicable.
7. The Setsoto Local Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any other bid and reserves the right to accept the whole / part of the bid.
8. All certifications must be signed, dated and not be older than 6 months.
9. All submissions will be subject to verification.