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Invitation to submit proposals

Setsoto Local Municipality invites experience service providers to submit priced quotations for the provision of services to design, facilitate and report on a three (3) days turnaround strategic planning session.

Respondents must comply with the terms and conditions as specified in this RFQ. Queries relating to the issue of these documents may be addressed to:
Technical Issues: Makhele Molahlehi Silvanus at 051 933 9395
Procurement Issues: Thabiso Majoale at 051 933 9351


The service provider must be able to undertake and complete the work by due date. It’s envisioned that the turnaround strategic planning session will take place over three days between 13-15 February 2023.

Experience/Skills Required

We require the services of an experienced service provider with the following experience/skills:

a. At least 10 years’ experience designing and facilitating turn around strategic planning for similar sessions for diverse stakeholders within the public sector
b. Strong local government skills
c. Strong transformation, change management and facilitation skills
d. Strong understanding of District Development Model
e. Robust understanding of organizational analysis

Technical Evaluation Requirements

The service provider must provide the following:

a. At least reference letters of proven track record/Experience of similar work
b. Resume of lead facilitator
c. Proposed approach methodology to design and facilitate the strategic planning session

Pricing Schedule

Pricing schedule must include the following:

a. Planning and design of turnaround strategic planning session
b. Facilitation of turnaround strategic planning session
c. Preparation of the turnaround strategic planning session report to enable implementation of the turnaround strategy.

Evaluation of proposals

Evaluation and point allocation will only be allocated to bidders who comply with the terms of reference and technical evaluation criteria. Bidders will be measured on capacity and experience as follows:

Technical Criteria Applicable Scores Weight
Company profile Bidders must submit company profile 20
Approach and methodology Bidders must submit approach the methodology to design, facilitate and prepare a report of the turnaround strategic plan session 20
Reference letters Bidders must submit minimum of three contactable references on turnaround strategic planning on a letterhead of the references:

• 40 points for more than three (3) reference letters
• 30 points for three (3) reference letters
• 15 points for two (2) relevant letters 40
CV and qualifications CV and qualifications of the facilitator 20
Total 100

In order for the bidder to qualify must obtain at least 70 points and above

Requirements (Documents that must be attached to the e-mail):

1. Formal written price quotation on supplier’s letter head that must be valid for 30 days.
2. CSD report that clearly shows MAAA CSD registration number and must not be older than 30 days.
Attachments must be e-mailed to before the closing date and time. Please use above-mentioned FWPQ reference number as subject for the e-mail.
Closing Date: Monday, 06th February 2023 @ 16:30
Please Note the Following:
1. No tender document is required.
2. Local content not applicable
3. No telegraphic, telefaxes, hand-delivered and late bids will be accepted.
4. Municipal Supply Chain Management policy and Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No 5 of 2000 and its 2022 regulations (80/20 criteria) and functionality will apply.
5. No bids will be accepted from persons in service of the state (Acting through Proxy).

The following documents will be requested from the preferred supplier/s:
5.1. Company Registration Certificate (CRC) reflecting active members.
5.2. Copies of ID of all directors/members on the CRC must be attached.
5.3. MBD 4 form for declaration of interest must be filled and signed in full. Form is obtainable from Supply Chain Management Offices or from the municipal website under Supply Chain.
5.4. Municipal rates and taxes statement for the Company or Directors and must not be in arrears for more than three (3) months or a valid Lease Contract reflecting who is responsible to pay municipal rates and taxes if a Lessee is responsible for payment of municipal rates and taxes a municipal statement of account must be submitted or Letter of arrangement for payment of municipal services.
6. Setsoto Local Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any other bid and reserves the right to accept the whole/part of the bid.
7. All submissions will be subject to verification.

For Technical Enquiries contact Mr. MS Makhele at 051 933 9395 or and For Supply Chain Management Enquiries contact Mr. T. Majoale at 051 933 9351 or